Apr 022014

We are a little quiet but shall be back soon, lots of things are happening behind the scenes.

Currently if you wish to find me I am sorting stuff at Creative Connections.

So why not pop on over and say hi!

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Feb 242014

So I am a little bored of my craft space. It works but it isn’t that exciting.

We are in the process of working through the house decluttering and sorting out the mess as we go. We have only done one room so far, but hopefully this weekend that will be totally finished with some new cushions and the furniture sanded and then we will be onto the next room.

So I thought I would get ahead of myself and get looking into some ideas for the craft room. Most of the other rooms I have ideas for you see. However the craft room is small and I am confined with what I can do but I want something different.

So I thought a perfect excuse for a linky on the blog. If I show you my craft room will you show me yours?

What a great excuse to show of our rooms, and to get inspiration for our own rooms from other crafters.

So some piccies of my little space. First off we have my desk, it is in the middle of having an album made on it and I like my desk. It is essentially a computer desk and does still house our PC (retro I know) which does take up the bottom and top shelve. But it does do its job as it is a corner desk and I have two halves to it, ideally though I would have more space. But that is something I am limited on in this room.


Either side of the room I have two shelving units that store everything from my paper, to my stamps, inks and albums. These are something that really need to be sorted as they are a mess and it doesn’t matter what I do they seem to stay a mess. They drive me mad. Especially the paper storage.


And then there’s the cubby hole which is a damn right mess. This is where my books are stored and my fabric and spare card, and odds and sods. It is a mess and needs some organisation and I take something and everything else falls and topples over.


So there it is. My messy little space where I work and do all my creativity. So what does you little space of creative heaven look like?

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Feb 042014

Since having Boo I am not making as many things as I was so don’t have as many things to blog about, but wanted to keep my blog going with regular posts.

So I had an idea to have some guest bloggers on the blog, from other crafters and business owners. I love to help other businesses and to network with them so this seemed a perfect opportunity, The Getting To Know You Series.


So for the first Getting To Know You post I will pass the blog over to Donna from Jophiel

Journey of creation and discovery. 

Thank you Kerry for the opportunity to introduce everyone to my world.

This journey began in April 2013 when I was introduced to an amazing machine, the Janome 350e. Now you need to understand that although I have been creative all my life I have never been able to draw for toffee!! Now this new wonder was opening up a whole new arena for me…yes I was beyond excited. My new little baby could produce perfect embroidery every time; firstly from the installed designs but also from any design that I chose to put in my computer and create. This meant I could put any image into the software on my computer  and transform it into embroidery…words, pictures and even photographs.

Although this was all terrific and sounds very easy it wasnt. I started simply by just learning how to put words onto my projects. This incuded how to get my project in the hoop correctly, transferring my design to the machine and learning about stabilisers and tension. Below is my first (successful) project, a little Easter bunny that I made for the children in my family and had a personalised ear.

It was about now that it was suggested that I should be thinking about creating a business around my hobby and so I started thinking of a name and how I would approach marketing my product. After much deliberation I settled on Jophiel for my business name, he is the Angel of creativity so it seemed pretty apt for me, and I began my Facebook page in April 2013 and have not looked back.

It is through my page and many nights networking that I met lots of lovely people with advice and encouragement, and most of all sales!


A lot of my first commissions were for new mums in celebration of the birth of their babies. I designed; blankets, bibs, cushions and burp cloths, even several canvasses displaying the childs name and their date of birth. This is one of my favourite canvasses as I was just starting to understand a bit more about the design side and how to add embellishments.

I have now been on this journey  for nine months and have learnt so much, and continue to. My main inspiration comes from that lovely site Pinterest, but the more technical knowledge Ive gained from hours and hours of watching YouTube videos much to the annoyance of my family.

Recently I have collaborated with a lovely lady whom I met through my facebook page, she is a whizz with words, so she writes the poetry and I embroider it onto calico with a decorative border and a fringed edge…rather shabby chic style. These are so popular for loved ones, grandparents and parents. We have also been lucky enough to be nominated for an award for our design, this is currently still running and open for votes until the 14th february 2014….hint hint ;)….link is tabbed at the top of my Jophiel page.

Whats next for Jophiel you may ask?? There is sooo much to learn about digital embroidery but very little information so now that I understand the basics I will be starting to make my own in the hoop designs. This involves designing the whole project on my computer; sewing lines, applique lines and emboidery, and then transferring to my machine. I then hoop the approprite stabiliser and begin the process, adding material etc at the right time. These projects are so satisfactry as they can be completed quickly and with no need to keep switching machines…..with my time very few and far between these projects are brill. To date Ive designed and produced a purse, business card holder and an E. Cigarette holder…watch this space for more lol.

The craziest item Ive embroidered was this toilet roll…..just to prove it could be done, the quilt was also a delight to do as it was re purposing my Grandsons old baby clothes.

All that is left to be said is; more discoveries to come on my journey, please pop over to my page and drop me a message and a BIG thankyou to Kerry for this opportunity,

happy creating, love Donna @Jophiel.xxx

Please head on over to Donna’s Facebook page to see the great things that she makes.

If you would like to be included in a Getting To Know You post then please email Kerry at scrapbookerry@gmail.com

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Jan 302014

This year Scrapbookerry is getting a brand new website and we are branching out with the products that we have for sale.

Lots of the new products wont be launched until the new website is launched. However I thought that over the next few weeks I will show you some sneaky peaks of the products as the website is going to take a while to get sorted as it is having a complete change and with Boo it is taking a while.
One of the new ranges is hand bound notebooks.


These notebooks are made with a paper cover, these are perfect for notebooks and for albums and will look beautiful with a leather cover as well.


They make a great unique present for yourself and for your friends and family.
And at £6.50 including postage and packaging they are a great price.

So please look out for these to be launched officially when the website is launched.

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Jan 242014

So as you can tell this wee old blog is a little quiet.

That will be because I am so busy behind the scenes making scrapbooking masterpieces!

That is a lie.

The main reason is about 10lbs, and nearly 8 weeks old and is taking up most of my time, with his colic and his reflux he needs lots of mummy cuddles and I am not getting a lot of anything else done, as once I am finished with Boo and finally get him settled, his big brother Baba comes charging home from school and then it is making and homework and creating.

Before I know it, another a week has passed and I have written anything.

And to be honest I don’t want that to happen to this little old blog.

So I am looking for your help, the blog needs you.

I am looking for some guest bloggers, crafters or business owners.

I am just looking for a little introduction post, one explaining who you are, what you do, why you do it, how you started and a couple of pictures of what you have made. And don’t forget to include some links of where we can find you.

It really is that simple, and I am hoping that we get lots of replies so that I can make this a regular feature.

If you are interested then head on over to the Facebook page and send me a message so we can sort out the date that I need it by and when it will be scheduled on the blog.

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Jan 152014

I have 1805 folders of photos on my computer and an external hard drive waiting for them to be copied too.

However I have 1805 unorganised folders on my computer and am trying to get some system of organisation going.

But I am stumped.

I have pictures of Baba as a baby with pictures of Mr L and I in Egypt, (which was a holiday two years before Baba arrived) I have one person’s wedding with another persons wedding and photos of our nieces and nephew scattered throughout all the folders.

But I can’t work out the best way to organise them all.

I want to be able to go into my pictures, pick a folder and know for certain what is in it.

But do I do it by event, date, month, year or person?

What is the best way, and what is the easiest way

And where do I start with 10 years worth of pictures just scattered around in different files?

Any tips would be appreciated what do you find is the best system?


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Jan 092014

For a few years now I have attempted to complete the 365 Project, where you take a picture a day for the whole year. For two years I never completed the project. Didn’t actually get into the fourth month.

However last year I decided to do the project through Instagram and I completed it for the first time ever and I was so proud of myself.

So as I love a challenge this year I decided to do not just one 365 Project but two and I decided to be a bit more selective about the pictures that I take.

One project is only pictures of Baba and Boo, as having another baby in the house I wanted to capture as many pictures of them as possible and this is a great way to see how both of them change over the year.

The other project is to do a Creative 365 Project.

I wanted to make more things this year, and wanted to be creative in some form every day, whether that is via Scrapbookerry, making something personally for us, or via researching something creative. Any of these ways will count just as long as I am doing something creative every day.

So I decided to embark on these projects, and started taking pictures everyday. I am doing both on Instagram but quickly realised that my Creative 365 Project wasn’t being seen by everyone that I wanted to see it, so I decided to put it on this blog as well.

I could have put each picture into a post, but I know that I am not too successful at doing it this way so I don’t want to set myself up to fail before I even start it.

So I decided to do a slide show on the blog so people can see it if they want or take no notice if they want to as well. So as you can tell there is now a little slide show on the side of the blog with all of my Creative 365 pictures in it. So if you want to see the pictures that I am taking then please take a look here to see how my creative year is progressing.

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Nov 292013

I had a custom order for a very different album, this was for a 6.5″ x 6.5″ Accordion Tag Book, that could hold twenty-four 6″ x 4″ photos.

So I adapted the normal Accordion Book into this unique album.

It was a great album to make and I really enjoyed making it.

The final look I was really pleased with and it has a very stunning finish with the white card contrasting with the dark blue throughout the album.

The customer also really liked it and it fitted their specifications perfectly.

I can not wait to see some completed pictures and I hope that the album brings lots of enjoyment to its new owners!

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Nov 292013

For one Weekend only, running until Monday 02/12/2013 morning Scrapbookerry is having a one of



So head on over, share the album and grab yourself a bargain, for either yourself or for some friends and family for Christmas presents.

Everything in the album is priced at 20% and everything includes the adhesive for your own photos and Postage and Packaging.


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Nov 132013

The new website is slowly taking shape!

It is going to be a long process but finally the system seems to have clicked and things are getting done.

I have a long way to go but I am pleased that I am no longer looking at a blank scene and wondering what on earth I have to do.

Do you want a sneaky peak?


Website Preview


There is loads more to do and as you can see the Home Page is looking quite a bit different to the old site but I am liking it and I hope that you all will too.

I promise to keep you updated with the progress, and do not worry the old website www.scrapbookerry.com is still working. This new site is being built behind the scenes so there is no interruption for the important people, you the customers.

The rebuilding is a process that is taking a while, as I am fitting it around all the album making, and for today I have a date with a gorgeous blue Accordion Tag Book that is becoming a lovely album in front of my eyes!

Pictures to follow soon.

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